our CustomerS SPEAK

Years of experience but more so the ability to enjoy sourcing, creating and repairing pieces of beloved jewellery that remain sentimental to its owners are what we at Victoria Highfield strive for. To bring a customers watch back to life, to remake a ring so that it can be enjoyed by the next generation is what makes us glad that we are watchmakers and jewellers.

"We are an independent Jewellers in the heart of Heaton Moor Village."

"I know nothing about Jewellery but wanted to buy my wonderful wife unique gifts. The shop is great so we got engagement, wedding and eternity rings there. I don't worry about Christmas, Birthday or Anniversary gifts because the staff always choose items my lovely wife adores!"

          -- Dr. D.S.M

"Whenever I am in the UK a visit to Victoria Highfield is a must for great gifts, repairs and valuations."

          -- Mrs P.Cash 

Its rare to find in this hectic internet filled world of promises of quality, delivery times and price comparisons, a bricks and mortar business that has stayed true to its roots. Here at Victoria Highfield we are just that.

"We do...because...We can...because...We care."

"Classy, sassy staff. Appealing, amazing stock. Honest and reliable advice, you can always trust VH for an enjoyable retail experience and jewellery that is admired. Recommended so many friends who have become loyal customers like myslef!"

          -- Ms. J.S

"My friends recommended VH; I can see why. There are Jewellers closer to home but my daughters, myself and my son wouldn't go elsewhere"

          -- Mrs E.L